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Cooler Body

Cooler at power station developed cracks on the main body just below the waterbox flange. Flange was1050mm diameter. Over all length approximately 3 Meters. The oil pressure in the body is 100kPa, with operating temperature up to 60 deg C. The wall thickness varied around 20mm.

Damage / cracking was extensive requiring a new section being machined up and Metalocked into place. Pictures show flange area being cut off and set up to ensure fitting locations / bolt alignment are maintained.

Whilst the body is high grade cast iron, we fitted a steel flange for higher strength and material availability. This is one of the main benefits of Metalock process where dissimilar materials can be co-joined.

All machining carried out at our workshop.

Many sets of Metalock keys and Masterlock extensions were installed to depth, along with a thousand odd screws and copper pads to finalise repair.

Works carried out approximately 2 years ago and still in full service.